Real Fyre Charred Northern Complete Gas Log Set 30 Inch Inch Natural Gas / Propane Vented

Real Fyre Charred Northern Complete Gas Log Set 30 Inch Inch Natural Gas / Propane Vented
Real Fyre Charred Northern Complete Gas Log Set 30 Inch Natural / Propane Vented

Beautifully Realistic Real-Fyre brings the natural beauty and warmth of real wood and they preserve the attractiveness of your home's wood burning fireplace. The Charred Northern presents a maturing fire with more flames and embers highlighted by the burned through front log.

Environmentally Safe and Clean Real-Fyre Gas Logs burn clean. They don't use up precious forest resources or pollute the air like a wood-burning fire. And, they don't affect indoor air quality.

Convenient With Real-Fyre Gas Logs, you can start your fire by turning a variable flame control, throwing a switch or pressing a button on a remote control.

Economical Real-Fyre Gas Logs eliminate the high expense of firewood. Your log set will continue to provide enjoyment and comfort year after year.

Superior Materials Real-Fyre Gas Logs are made of superior refractory ceramics, expanded shales and aggregates, and use an advanced calcium aluminate binder. This combination of materials, pre-fired in a rotary kiln, provides:

Greater Compressive Strength: Allowing finer detailing in the log-making process without breaking or chipping, and producing a longer-lasting log.

Higher Bulk Density: Providing more radiant heat, both while in operation and after the set has been turned off.

Better Rheology (Flow Rate): Meaning a better texture to the logs, fewer (bugholes," better strength, and less water in the mix, for better consistency of product.

Higher Refractoriness: Real-Fyre refractory material has a Pyrometric Cone Equivalent of 2650 degrees (F), higher than any other log, and higher PCE means better ability to withstand heat over time. Real-Fyre logs wonŠt break down.

Lower Iron Content: Other materials have more iron. Iron turns to iron oxide and changes the color of logs.

Steel Reinforcing Rods: Assuring the integrity of Real-Fyre Gas Logs, precisely sized and designed steel rods are inserted into each log. This provides maximum reinforcement and prevents breakage.

Set includes handcrafted logs, custom grate, Real-Fyre Burner System, granules (sand or vermiculite), ember glow, grate clips/log locaters, pan/connector kit and damper clamp. Available for natural or propane gas. To be used in a vented wood-burning fireplace with damper open. Approved for G4 (RADCO), G5 (CSA) and G46 (CSA) burner systems.

Real-Fyre Gas Log Systems are accepted by national and local building codes and authorities, and are available with one or more of the following listings or certifications:
CSA, RADCO, OMNI, ICC, Proud members of Hearth, Patio and Barbecue Association (HPBA), Gas Appliance Manufacturers Association (GAMA), National Propane Gas Association (NPGA),
and National Fireplace Institute, (NFI) Advocate.

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